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Patient Indoor Positioning System
  • PIPS(Patient Indoor Positioning System) is a system that enables safe and immediate medical service by identifying patient’s location in real time through Tag-AP-server communication.
    Intelligent location-based strategy analysis system
  • Intelligent location-based strategy analysis system is a smart training system that enables strategic use through analysis on behavior pattern and physical fitness index using precise positioning technology(BT DF and various sensors.
    Wandering behavior Pattern Analysis System
  • WPAS(Wandering behavior Pattern Analysis System) is a care system that analyzes behavior pattern of dementia patients and children who have tendency of wandering and provide guardians and medical staff with the result to prevent missing or safety accidents caused by wandering.
    Say Hotel both-way interpreter
  • Say Hotel is a both-way interpreting device in 16 countries that adopts network(Wi-Fi / Bluetooth) chatting and supports communication that resembles chatting on Messenger.
    Edufun Beam
  • Edufun Beam is a multi-purpose smart device that is easy to use with tablet PC and beam projector combined. It is different from the existing learning devices.
  • Multiplex is an integrated multimedia player that enables various multimedia contents, which were separated as radio, music, video, etc. in the existing devices, in one app.
  • Picture-X is a solution that recognizes images better than barcode technology. It maximizes advertising effect.