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About Prodigycom
Co-CEO Joa Hyeon Park
Head Office 404, Jeljon Tower II, 162, Jeongjail-ro, Bundang-gu
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do South Korea
Contact Information TEL +82-31-718-4507 / FAX +82-31-718-4509
Founded On April 20, 2005
Business Mobile Device & S/W, Smart Car, LBS,
ICT/IoT, Sole Distributor Biz
Mission statement [Management philosophy and objectives]
Prodigycom will provide companies in Korea and overseas with Total Mobile Solutions under the slogan of ‘Mobile Solution For Your Future!’ and with ‘One Stop Service’ for core technologies in the mobile technology market, growing through close affiliation with companies overseas as well as continuous R&D effort.

Prodigycom will not only seek growth but also develop technology-intensive, high value-creating business to become the best mobile business in Korea to lead the mobile industry.

Prodigycom will value every employee and create company culture that encourages improved capabilities and skills that can be models to other companies.
Future plans
Prodigycom will become a leading mobile company in the future through original solution intensive strategy based on well-established smart phone & mobile phone technologies.

Prodigycom will become the world’s best company beyond smart phone & mobile phone industry by extending its business and developing new type of ubiquitous technology for both wire and wireless solution.